Dmitry Dygalo

🐦 @Stranger6667

Building a custom model field from the ground up

Friday 11:30-12:00 UTC+2 in Main hall

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A comprehensive guide on building custom models fields in Django. Including descriptors, lookups, expressions and many more.

Often you need to map domain entities onto your application and store them in a database. Django provides you with a very extensible API that allows you to integrate domain entities with ORM seamlessly. This talk will walk through all essential steps in building a Money instances support for Django from the ground, based on real-life examples taken from django-money library.

Here is an overview of the talk structure:

Historical notes on django-money project.

Implementing a field for Money

  • Connecting py-moneyed with Django. Map Money to Model
  • What field to choose?
  • Implicit currency field
  • How descriptors could help here?

Querying MoneyField

  • Designing the API
  • Lookup API vs. old style model managers surgery
  • Expressions. Enhancing Money class


  • Integrating Django admin. Utilizing AppConfig.ready
  • Serialization
  • Validators
  • Migrations. Deconstruction & backends differences
  • Testing