Gleb Pushkov

How (and why!) to build a Django based project with SQLAlchemy Core for data analysis

With thanks to Django Stars

Thursday 11:15-11:45 UTC+2 in Main hall

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I believe that Django ORM can fit almost 95% of the projects, however, it doesn’t perform well for some tasks. You can switch to raw SQL, but again: if you need an additional level of abstraction to build a flexible and better-maintained product, it won’t be enough. Here is when SQLAlchemy Core comes to fill the gap.

In this talk, I’d like to cover the following topics:

  • Django ORM, SQLAlchemy ORM, SQLAlchemy Core;
  • when it’s time to consider adding SQLAlchemy Core to the Django application;
  • to highlight integration steps;
  • how to write tests with SQLAlchemy Core;
  • some examples and observations from my personal experience.