Chris Adams

🐦 @mrchrisadams

Workshop/break-out session:
How to green your django project

Friday 10:15-11:15 UTC+2 in Workshop 2 (Cinema)

In a world threatened by climate change, we as professionals building the web have a responsibility to know where the environmental impacts are in the digital services we build, and how reduce them.

The good news is that the same things you do to make your app greener, are often the same things that make it load faster, or cost less to run. Learn how in this session.

Software is heating the world - the IT sector is now so big that it has a comparable carbon footprint to aviation now, and the sad truth is that because most of the internet still runs on coal, our digital products have a measurable carbon footprint, much of which is avoidable, through making thoughtful choices about the platform providers you use, and your application’s architecture.

In this session, you’ll learn to visualise a real world django application’s digital supply chain, from app servers to CDNs, to end user devices, and explore what techniques, python libraries and services you can use at each stage to make a measurable improvement to the carbon emissions that come from it, as well as how to measure these improvements.

Break-out sessions are expected to last around 60 minutes. They will have limited seats and will have a sign-up option provided on the ticketholder website, once the schedule is known.