Jani Tiainen

Workshop/break-out session:
Location tracking with Django

Friday 11:15-12:15 UTC+2 in Workshop 1

A workshop to build Django mapping application that tracks coordinates from mobile device with GPS and stores them into db for further analysis with GeoDjango.

A workshop to setup and make an Django app that will use GeoDjango to store locations and show them on a map with Mapserver with custom styling and creating tool to query locations based on user current position.

Project skeleton and instructions can be found at https.//github.com/jtiai/dceu-geotracker/

Workshop will be splitted in the following parts:

  • Setting up Django, GeoDjango, Postgis and map component (Leaflet)
    • There will be instructions and startup repository to make workshop start faster
  • Building the app itself (simple models and webpage to track and display coordinates)
  • Configuring Leaflet to read and display data from Django database

  • If time allows, showing example how very advanced GIS software works

Break-out sessions are expected to last around 60 minutes. They will have limited seats and will have a sign-up option provided on the ticketholder website, once the schedule is known.