Nathan Gaberel

🐦 @n4ng5l

Take the goRe out of a DjangoReact stack

Wednesday 11:45-12:15 UTC+2 in Main hall

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Developing, packaging and integrating JS apps with Django.

As a Django dev you cannot ignore Javascript frameworks anymore. But integrating React (or any javascript framework) with Django is not seamless: there’s no documented guide to setup a project, getting hot reloading to work is a painful must-have, and then how do you even leverage the power of both frameworks to code faster? Doing this without losing time and productivity is very hard.

After 4 years of building a dozen django/react projects at Theodo, I want to share with you the very efficient setup we came up with, both for development and production use.

In this session we’ll see how to:

  • setup a JS frontend alongside Django for a smooth development experience (with hot reloading!)
  • package and deploy a js app with a Django project
  • make frontend and backend work together: automatically harvest Django REST framework validation errors inside redux-form and get free validation in React