Being a sponsor

As a sponsor you have different levels of engagement dependent on your wishes and sponsor level. Almost all options (Starting from Bronze level) will be listed on the website and be present in the printed program. There are ample touch points and positions of exposure for you to reach the audience without being at the conference.

If your company is attending the conference it does not entail you will meet all attendees. The number of people is relatively large and there there are many activities, which makes it hard to reach everyone simply by being an attendee. It is therefore highly recommended at least to get your logo on the website with a link to your homepage and in the printed program.

Goodie bag

All sponsor levels (Bronze to Diamond) allow for items to be added to the welcome package for each attendee. This is a great way to get noticed in the physical world. What could be submitted is stickers, brochures and swag/merchandise items.


At the venue there are numerous spots where attendees will visit multiple times every day. Those spots allow for you to have one of your Roll-ups displayed.

Physical and Printed material

If you are not present at the conference we’ll make sure your material will be added to the welcome package or your roll-ups are getting a good spot at the conference.

All material is provided by you and can be ordered and send to the Django Denmark community office. Get in touch for info on local providers and let us know if anything is shipped. E.g. a dutch sponsor is sending stroopwafels as merchandise.

Tickets and emails

All attendees will receive a confirmation email, reminder emails and numerous information emails. Those have an opening rate of about 100%. Each attendee will either print their ticket or show it on their smartphone. You can visible here!

Booth holders

We have reserved a prime spot for booths. This is for all companies who wish to get the maximum engagement at the conference. The booths have a chair and a table and you can bring rollups, merchandise, presentation displays and more for a fun and good connection with the attendees. The experience can be customised so get in touch with requests and good ideas. It is not required, but a good idea to have a person at the booth since conference attendees love to talk to booth holders!


We have reserved multiple rooms for workshops and those can be reserved by sponsors. The recommended amount of attendees is 30-40, but more will fit! There is standard AV equipment included and many possible settings of the room. We mix sponsored and community workshops.

If you have any questions or comments reach us on