Bikes 🚲

In collaboration with the social enterprise Baisikeli, we are encouraging you to experience Copenhagen's bicycle infrastructure.


Once you have a ticket, you will have access to a special participant section on this website. We are setting up a section for coordinating sharing transport, accommodation and not least bicycle rental with Baisikeli.


After the first day of the event, you can walk to the Baisikeli workshop, which is about 15 minutes walk from the venue. They will get your preferred bike type and give you instructions about how to navigate the bike traffic in Copenhagen.

  • If you would like a bike before the event: No problem.
  • If you would like to have the bike for longer: No problem.

The bikes are likely priced from €12-20 on the first day and €5-9 for additional days. 1 week is around €36-67.

Be safe!

At the Baisikeli shop, they will tell you more about bike safety. Wearing a helmet is a great idea, and having bike lights at night is mandatory by law.

Not comfortable on a bike?

We want you to get the best of Copenhagen. We believe this is experienced from a bike. BUT! If you are not comfortable on a bike: you will have a greater time without it. Staying for a few days isn't enough to learn how to ride a bike.

Baisikeli slips