DjangoCon Europe 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark
April 10-14th 2019

Watch the talks online

We had a wonderful conference this year with fantastic speakers, workshops and lovely attendees. Can't wait to see you next year! Come see us at DjangoDay CPH.

DjangoCon Europe is run by the community for the community: We are the 11th European conference, made up of Django practitioners from all levels. We welcome people from all over the world. Our conference seeks to educate and develop new skills, best practices and ideas for the benefit of attendees, developers, speakers and everyone in our global Django Community, not least those watching the talks online.

Our mission is also beyond Django as a technology: Our conference values diversity and inclusivity and seeks to have a real impact on people’s lives and local communities. Please read our Call for Participation and our Code of Conduct.

The conference consists of 3 days of talks and a few workshops, followed by 2 days of free sprints in the following weekend. On the day before the conference, a 1-day Django Girls workshop is held.

Important dates

Conference Updates

Code of Conduct team feedback

During the DjangoCon Europe 2019, the Code of Conduct team was very pleased to see how well the Django community got well together. We prepared ourselves to face a few incidents, but fortunately things turned out better than we thought. We were extremely satisfied with the positive atmosphere we had at the conference. Guided by previous DjangoCons, these are some of the things we planned to secure a pleasant experience: Read more...

T-shirt prints πŸ‘•

Our initiative for print-on-demand t-shirts at DjangoCon 2019 wasn’t sufficient, but we have opened a merch shop for digital prints, and original stencils are shown at the end of this article in case you would like to print your own – and if you do, please share with others how it turned out πŸ’‘ We would like to share a little bit of evaluation about the ~120 custom prints that were done during DjangoCon Europe 2019, since we think its a great idea, and maybe other events would like to continue. Read more...

Videos and photos

Thanks for a great conference - It’s been about a month since DjangoCon 2019 ended, and memories are there to relive. Firstly, with thanks to our official photographer Bartosz Pawlik (Bartek), we have over 900 photos to share from the event. To the Flickr gallery We also cropped and normalized sound on all the video recordings. They can be conveniently viewed in chronological order on this Youtube playlist or you can click each individual talk in the program and see the video embedded below the talk description: Read more...

Live streaming and online questions

We are now streaming live! And we want YOUR questions. See the instructions here. Once talks have been streamed, they will be edited and released online, but please allow us some time, as we have to do a bit of manual post-processing. The organising team

Sold out!

We are sold out and making final arrangements now. We (the volunteers organising this conference) have lots and lots of things to do, and in case you find our news flow to be slow, please rest assure that we are busy behind the scenes making this the best possible conference for each and everyone πŸ’š All talks and workshops are now published as well as a schedule. Don’t have a ticket? Read more...


Pack your laptop for the Sprints - a tradition at DjangoCon Europe! This year is no exception. Therefore, we’ve made sure to get a pretty large venue for the event! Sign-up is both available when buying your ticket and afterwards in the ticketholder area. We hope that you can help our planning by signing up today – but not least, helping out Django or all the related open source projects that you can work on and learn to contribute to during this packed weekend. Read more...

The Journey So Far

Hi all! This is our first News section item; so we want to write an overall story of what has happened so far. If you are not that interested in conference organising, we also have a fast ⏩ summary. The fast ⏩ summary: We will start announcing the schedule very soon, as we are reaching out to people who have submitted proposals right now. We had an amazing amount of proposals, and this alone means that the conference could have been more than 3 days. We stick to the usual 3-day talks + 2-day sprints format, but hey: There’s energy and potential for so much more! We will also add more details about the conference venue and the sprints venue soon. Read more...


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