Job board ads

We have made a dedicated section on the conference website with job ads.

In addition this year a physical job board where attendees can see a printed version and put up on the job physical board!

When you have submitted a job we also submit it to the #jobs channel on the internal Slack. Here attendees can ask questions directly on the ad or in private messages to you or one of your employees. Just make sure to send us the nick name of the person representing your company or send a private message on Slack to Emil Kjer.

You can see all the available jobs on the job bard here.

If you're looking for a job write an email to: [email protected] with full name, contact details, job type(s) you're looking for and optionally links to references (CV, Github, Linkedin …).

Submit a job ad

Submit your job ad(s) in the below form. It's send to a staff for approval.

If you would like to submit multiple jobs just repeat the process with as many job ads you like and we'll apply the cheapest option for you.

If the below iframe doesn't work just use the following link to go straight to the form: