Live stream

Talks have finished live streaming and will be uploaded individually. Please see our Youtube channel:</a>

Asking questions during talks

Internet questions

During talks, a host will select questions from the internet crowd. You can tag your question on Twitter with #djangoconQA or send a question on the IRC channel #djangocon on Freenode.

Questions asked are subject to our Code of Conduct and any perceived violations will be filtered out.

Attendee questions

If a speaker takes questions after a talk, we encourage you to come to the mic 🎤 placed in the room. We will also take questions from internet audiences if time permits.

Asking good questions

Please ask questions that are constructive and supportive:

  • A good question: Is not a comment, and ends in a question mark; is one that seeks to explore the topic of the talk; is perceived valuable to others in the audience; clarifies something that you found hard to understand in the talk; breaks the silence of the crowd, asking a supportive question for the speaker; the self-less question that seeks to bind knowledge from other people in the crowd with the speaker's; the practical recommendation that doesn't demand to know why the speaker didn't mention a, b, c.

You can read more examples of good conference questions in this Guardian article.

  • A bad question: Is something that seeks to only emphasize your own knowledge; seeks details at a level that is irrelevant to most people; or tries to trick the speaker, make them look bad or point out errors.