Code of Conduct team feedback

During the DjangoCon Europe 2019, the Code of Conduct team was very pleased to see how well the Django community got well together. We prepared ourselves to face a few incidents, but fortunately things turned out better than we thought. We were extremely satisfied with the positive atmosphere we had at the conference.

Guided by previous DjangoCons, these are some of the things we planned to secure a pleasant experience:

Although no incidents were reported, a few participants brought to our attention something: someone walking around with a t-shirt that they thought could be an insult to some. Upon investigation, we found out the person was part of the venue's staff. Then, by having a kind and informal conversation to the venue's director, we got to know the t-shirt owner's background a bit more. We decided that the situation could not disrespect any member of our event, given the context. And as expected, no one filled a formal report about this matter.

It was an amazing experience for all of the DjangoCon CoC Team. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome of the conference and even more importantly, with the ambiance the community provided to itself. We are definitely looking forward to contributing to future events such as this.

Elvis, Jessica, Sarah & Víðir Code of Conduct team