This 11th edition of DjangoCon Europe is the first of its kind to take place in the Nordic region, namely in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.

DjangoCon Europe is a conference run by the Django community for the Django community and we believe this is the best conference for partners and sponsors to connect with the Django community and to be part of it.

DjangoCon Europe has existed for a decade and is therefore very professionally run, 100% by passionate volunteers and on a not-for-profit basis.

Many options for visibility

We have made a large sponsorship menu to invite all to contribute and to give you the opportunity to customise your support. Please see the detailed description and options in the Sponsorships Brochure here (PDF).

The following table highlight the main sponsor levels.

Levels High-level Description Price*
Bronze A great presence web+printed € 1.000
Silver Extra physical presence (incl. ticket) € 2.500
Gold Special and even printed on tickets € 5.500
Platinum To be seen EVERYWHERE € 10.000
Diamond The unique sponsor € 13.000

*Excl. VAT.

Please contact [email protected] with questions and comments and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

We say a humble thanks to any contribution and support given!

Who is attending

This is a conference for software developers, DevOps, entrepreneurs, marketeers, sprouting new Djangonauts, recruiters and exciting partners working with Python and Django.

The attendees is a mixed crowd with various professional positions and levels. Approximately half are newcomers.

Participants are from all over Europe and this edition is heavily represented by the Nordic countries.

We have room for 400 attendees at the venue and at present have sold 3/4 of the tickets.

DjangoCons exist world-wide and the community and audience are from all continents (except perhaps Antarctica?).

Why should you sponsor?

Marketing Do you have a product, service or brand that is loved by or will be loved by the Django/Python developers and forward thinking entrepreneurs in Europe and the Nordics? Here you can expose your self digitally, on printed material and if you wish meet everyone by having a booth.

Recruitment Let's admit, software developers are hard to get and they are not actively looking for a job themselves. Therefore, to meet and be present for the world's best Django developers at this event is both lucrative and unique.

Giving Back Be a community leader and give back to the open-source community Django is. As a part of the conference individuals from all countries can apply for grants to make it possible to attend this, for some, life-changing event. The conference must be affordable because many contributors to Django, attendees and speakers would not otherwise be able to attend without sponsorships from the community. Please consider supporting with any amount to give everyone involved an opportunity to attend.

Diversity Everyone is welcome at DjangoCon Europe, should be able to attend this conference and be in their comfort zone while doing so. The Django community puts pride and effort into diversity, respecting each other and being excellent to one another. Diversity encapsulates much and we with this conference are proud to embrace it! Diversity is a part of the Django Project's DNA and always will be.

Networking If you want to stand out from the crowd with your company, network and seek new potential collaborations and partners, DjangoCon Europe is the place to be. Also, with most sponsor packages are tickets included and your employees will, therefore, attend a conference with valuable education from talks and workshops.

See detailed descriptions and custom opportunities in our Sponsorships Brochure here (PDF).

Note: some options are already booked out and many are subject to availability

We would love to hear your needs and are open for customising the packages to fit your business, brand and organisation. Please contact [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

What is your sponsorship used for?

The list of expenses for the event is long and the list does not include items that are not important to run the event. Here is an insight:

  • venue rental
  • technical equipment
  • catering (locally produced)
  • financial assistance program
  • video recording of talks
  • live speech-to-text transcription of all talks
  • free child care for our attendees and their children

If there are profits from the conference, they are administrated by the registered Danish association Django Denmark, whose purpose is to serve open source Django communities in the Nordic region and in economically marginalized countries. We expect the Nordic region to be more active with community events in the wake of this event.

Think your employer should contribute?

Reading the above you might feel this is relevant for you and/or your employer to take part in. First of all, any help is tremendously important for the conference to exist. Secondly, you might not be a part of the marketing or recruitment team, but it could be relevant for your CEO, CTO or HR department. Therefore, consider forwarding a link to this page or the Sponsorships Brochure (PDF) and see if your employer would like to contribute and gain from this unique event you are about to attend!

Please contact [email protected] with any request and comment.


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